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Protein Cookies Ingredients ½ cup ground linseed/flaxseed ½ cup pumpkin seeds ½ cup driend cranberries of goji berries ½ cup honey or maple syrup 2 cups ground almonds 1 cup walnuts ½ cup macadamia nut oil 1 tspn vanilla essence Method 1. Preheat oven to 150C 2. Combine linseed, almond meal, pumpkin seed, walnuts and

SP Netball – GF Preview

ANZ Championships Grand Final week is upon us! I am so excited; I’m like child at Christmas. It has been a long 7 years since I have been involved in finals week, and I am going to absorb every moment of it. I was very fortunate when I started with the Swifts in 2006. I

SP BLOG – March

When you look back and realize preseason is over for another year, it actually seems like it flew by. At the time, we are counting down days until we can get back on the court and play, instead of the painful fitness sessions that the coaches plan for us over the summer. But now the


This month its back to the netball court and back into game agility. Footwork is very important in netball, so it’s important to work on fast feet and effective change of direction and speed. Try out the 2 drills, and remember to work on running onto the ball, not taking a big leap and catching